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Welcome To Genie Giveaways

🌟 Welcome to the Realm of Wishes – GenieGiveaways Awaits! 🌟

Step into a world where dreams unfurl like shimmering stars and possibilities dance on the horizon. GenieGiveaways invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey guided by the enchanting duo, Oscar and Pippin. As you traverse through our digital oasis, let your heart be your compass, and your curiosity, your guiding light.

Oscar, the Wishful Wizard, beckons you to explore his realm of affordable enchantments. With a mere touch of belief, you’ll summon treasures beyond imagination, all while keeping the spark of possibility alive.

Pippin, the Charming Genie, awaits to whisk you away to a realm where your odds of wonder are sky-high. Let her embrace your daring spirit as you dance through captivating moments, each one more enchanting than the last.

Your journey begins with a choice – will you follow Oscar’s path of affordable dreams or venture into Pippin’s domain of enthralling possibilities? Whichever path you choose, be prepared to be swept away by the magic that unfolds before your very eyes.

GenieGiveaways is more than an app; it’s a portal to a universe where wishes take flight and where you are the architect of your own destiny. Let your wishes roam free and your imagination run wild, for within these digital walls, magic truly knows no bounds.

Welcome, adventurer, to a world where wishes come true – your wish is our command, and the genie’s embrace awaits you. 🧞‍♂️✨🧞‍♀️

Oscar's Competitions

Pippin's Competitions


Oscar and


lower cost per wish

Oscar makes wishes come true and at a cheaper cost per wish than Pippin..

..but more wishers

..but because Oscars wishes are cheaper, he needs more of them to have enough power to summon his prizes!

higher cost per wish

Pippins wishes cost more per wish than Oscars, but for a good reason!

..but less wishers

..as Pippins wishes cost more, he doesn't need anywhere near as many wishes as Oscar to get enough power to summon his prizes!

Genie Giveaways, what makes us, us!

We LOVE a good giveaway and so we decided that we were going to do it ourselves too. Here at Genie Giveaways though, we’re doing things a little different.


What sets us apart from every other giveaways site is that we have Oscar & Pippin, and these two are more than just two Genies.


Oscar and Pippin represent two different ways to play. Almost always, they will both host the same competitions but with some key differences.

  • Oscar, will host competitions with lower ticket prices, but he will need more people to play in order for him to summon his prize.
  • Pippin on the other hand has slightly higher ticket prices, but he only lets very few players participate in comparison, giving you much better odds at winning!
All entries are referred to as “Wishes”.

Once Oscar and/or Pippin has enough wishes on any give competition, they summon the prize and at that point, someone is guaranteed to win!

Each competition will highlight the minimum number of Wishes (entries) required to summon the prize, the maximum number of tickets available for the competition and the maximum number of tickets available per person.